Scallywags Flyball Team was established in 2000 so we are about to enter our 15th year as a club. We are a small friendly club who enjoy both training together with friends and competing at flyball competitions.

What is flyball ??
Flyball is basically a relay race for your dogs, a team of four dogs will race up over a lane of four jumps, trigger a box at the end of the lane to get their tennis ball and then return to their handler over the same four jumps. The winning team is the first team to get all four of their dogs there and back in the fastest time.

Not only is it great fun to meet new people and share a hobby with like minded people it is great exercise both physically and mentally for your dogs. We currently train on a Sunday morning at Willey in Warwickshire (just off the A5) Any breed of dog can enjoy and excel at flyball so if your dog enjoys playing with a tennis ball and you fancy coming along then please send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ link.

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